Tomb Stone As A lonely Poem Verse 7

you hovered   in  the  darkness

to pretend

just   one   more

its what you wanted

touch her with  a  kiss  of

energy  and  you  know

its just a game you’re

growing tired of

you   drifted   away   looking

frightened that someday

you’d find  it  was  “really

only done with mirrors  &


you drifted away looking

through time  as  if  it  were

only a stained glass window

growing dim in the evening

time    after    time

you never saw

the doorway in yr forehead

was cluttered with words

written  &  unwritten’

– thought forms –

there was once 

a time  when  someone

settled  in  your  head

and  asked  for

“a moments rest”

& you wondered if THAT

was what it was all about

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