Tomb Stone as a Lonely Poem – Installment 6

verse 6

you sat and laughed

& wept & nothing happened

whele your brothers

burned out in spasms

& returned with images

of the wind

you were the uns-een

master of words

who laid the muse

on an alter of energy

& then something from’

a dream seemed to

tell   you   to   move-on

you looked for the muse’s 

sister   in  your  sleep

even her mother!

you found you could give

a thousand faces   to   a   lady

in the dark

but she never really changed

give her 80,000 words

to whisper  in  the  dawn

& somehow  she  never

really   changed  the  sound

you called her different

names to bring her out

but  she  never  moved

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