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Socialism In America Of All Places! (O.M.G.!!!!)

So, you say you are opposed to Socialism? In its pure form Socialism is problematic as it requires that all means of production, distribution, and exchange be owned and regulated by the public in common. In the popular mind Socialism is generally associated with Communism without differentiation and is often used in a derogatory sense. Historically socialism is associated with Karl Marx and Communism as practiced in the Soviet Union, China, and other countries where tight social control is practiced to enforce the economic system. There are, of course, other socialistic manifestations including social democracy on which social control is not necessary and where markets exercise greater degrees of autonomy than Communist Socialism.  

Many, if not most, European countries are governed as Social Democracies. In the United States the terms Socialism, Anarchism, and Communism are commonly used interchangeably and in a negative sense. As a consequence most Americans cannot accept that they live and thrive because of government and private programs and practices that are “Socialistic” in nature simply because they share resources and beneficial programs across the population without much differentiation. Many if not most Americans would argue to the contrary that they receive, by definition, the benefits of socialistic programs and practices without reflection on the truth of the matter. 

Many Americans would experience cognitive dissonance, indigestion, and even angry resistance if you told them they benefit from socialistic government programs and policies. But, of course, like it or not, they do and on a daily basis. To wit:

Fire Departments Medicare

Police Departments Social Security Payments


Public Schools GI Bill

Public Hospitals National Parks

Veterans Benefits Food and Drug Safety

National Weather Service CDC

Unemployment Insurance NASA

Drinking Water Sewers

Snow Removal Governmental Road Maintenance

A Standing Military Interstate Highways

NTSA Bank Deposit Insurance


Social Security Payments


GI Bill

National Parks

Food and Drug Safety




Governmental Road Maintenance

Interstate Highways

Bank Deposit Insurance

lAir Traffic Control

Hazardous Waste Disposal Air Traffic Control

The list goes on. The services are ubiquitous and used by nearly everyone at one time or another in their lives and some on a daily basis.

Across the United States grocery stores are organized as membership cooperatives born of the Hippie counter culture. Millions of people shop at these cooperatives and they have become big business with national affiliations and operations from small towns to the largest cities in the nation. In Northern New Mexico where I live, we purchase our electricity and propane from our own cooperative. The profits are shared. Our grocery store is a cooperative and the profits are shared annually. We are not Communists just sensible people with mutual common interests served cooperatively. Will you be able, henceforth, to refrain from using the term “socialistic” in a disparaging manner? After all, it’s as American as apple pie.

Tomb Stone As A Lonely Poem – verse 11 – the last one

verse 11

if   you   want   a   revolution

grow  a  new  mind

&  do  it  quietly

if you can

return  to  your  childhood

and  kick  out  the  bottom

then  become  a  being

not dependent on words

for seeing

whenever  you  get  bored

change headlines

colors   politics   words

change   women

but   if   you   really   want

a    revolution

learn  how  to  change

your   internal   chemistry

the   go   beyond   that

walk   down   the   streets

&  flash   lights   at


Tomb Stone As A Lonely Poem verse 10

verse 10

be able to change

yr own internal chemistry

walk down the street

& flash lights   in  yr  head

at   children

this  is  not  a  game

your childhood is the foundation

of the system

walk   down   the   street

flash lights in yr head

at children but be wary

of anyone old enough to kill

learn how to disappear

before they can find you

(that is,   if you want to

stay alive)

if you want a revolution 

do it “together”

but don’t get trapped in 

words or systems

people are people

no matter what politics

color  or  words  they use

&  they  all  have  children

buried in their head

Tomb Stone As A Lonely Poem verse 9

Part Three

if  you  want  a  revolution

return to your childhood

and kick out the bottom

don’t  mistake  changing

headlines  for  changes

if you want freedom

don’t mistake circles

for revolutions

think in terms of living

and know

you  are  dying

& wonder why

if you want a revolution

learn to grow in spirals

always being able to return

to your childhood

and   kick  out   the   bottom

This is what i’ve been

trying to say  –  if you

attack the structure –

the system  –  the establishment

you attack yourself


& attack  if  you  must

challenge yourself externally

but if you want a revolution

return to your childhood

&   kick   out   the   bottom

Tomb Stone As A lonely Poem verse 8

you   sat   still

with your deep eyes

afraid   to   look   at  the  sun

you watched yourself

dying   –   grow old

but the greater mystery

to haunt you beyond death

was knowing

in all the years

you   had   been   seen

only   once

perhaps  that  was

the miracle you ha

been waiting for

someone who heard

the unwritten poems,

& then  something  from

a  dream  seemed  to  tell

you  to  move  on

& you grew old trying

to understand motion

Tomb Stone As A lonely Poem Verse 7

you hovered   in  the  darkness

to pretend

just   one   more

its what you wanted

touch her with  a  kiss  of

energy  and  you  know

its just a game you’re

growing tired of

you   drifted   away   looking

frightened that someday

you’d find  it  was  “really

only done with mirrors  &


you drifted away looking

through time  as  if  it  were

only a stained glass window

growing dim in the evening

time    after    time

you never saw

the doorway in yr forehead

was cluttered with words

written  &  unwritten’

– thought forms –

there was once 

a time  when  someone

settled  in  your  head

and  asked  for

“a moments rest”

& you wondered if THAT

was what it was all about

Tomb Stone as a Lonely Poem – Installment 6

verse 6

you sat and laughed

& wept & nothing happened

whele your brothers

burned out in spasms

& returned with images

of the wind

you were the uns-een

master of words

who laid the muse

on an alter of energy

& then something from’

a dream seemed to

tell   you   to   move-on

you looked for the muse’s 

sister   in  your  sleep

even her mother!

you found you could give

a thousand faces   to   a   lady

in the dark

but she never really changed

give her 80,000 words

to whisper  in  the  dawn

& somehow  she  never

really   changed  the  sound

you called her different

names to bring her out

but  she  never  moved

Tomb Stone As A lonely Charm – Installment 5

Verse 5

you sat & laughed

& wept  &  nothing happened

while your brithers’burned out in spasms

& returned with images

of the wind

you were the uns-en

master of words

who laid the muse

on an altar of energy

& then something from

a dream seemed to

tell you to move on

you looked for the muse’s

sister in your sleep

even her mother!

you found you could give

a thousand faces to a lady

in the dark

you found you could give

a thousand faces to a lady

in the dark

but she never really changed

give her 80,000 words

to whisper in the dawn

& somehow she never

really changed the the sound 


you called her different

names to bring her out

but she never moved

Tomb Stone As A lonely Charm Installment 4

Part Two

you had the deepest eyes 

as a child

when you curiously looked

up at the sun

and restlessly wrote

the world’s greatest [poem

within your head

and your brothers

drinking the clear water

of the universe

wrote their words with

gold on sacred blue

later they sat beck

in the soft  fat  of  their  

glutted egis

& talked into eternity’ about the mysteries.

after the poetic-orgasim

you were still haunted

by some young girl’s face

a skull   hovering   in   the   

untouchable  distance

you  sat  waiting

to  meet  those

hollow  eyes

you sat & watched

your  brothers  leap

into  imaginary  suns

trying  to  grasp THAT

Installment 3 – Tomb Stone As A lonely Charm

part 3

the mis-use of machinery

it  is  the  trees  weeping

in  the  night  wind

the  mis-use  of  the  mind

turn  away

I have nothing to say

in all this darkness

everyone wins from

words that carry light

from the closed doors

of the mind

I have nothing to say

why don’t you just sit there

and   die

a little


waiting for some naive

child carrying the

crippled bird of yr love

to say the things you are

afraid to say & perhaps

in  a  millennium or two

you will begin to


that   naive   child 

was  you

and   you   murdered   him

in   the   darkness.

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