Book Review: How Democracies Die

I haven’t posted a book review in a long time as I have been waiting for a book that I believed to be a significant contribution to public discourse. I have now found such a book and I recommend strongly that people read it closely and carefully. The book provides the most lucid description of what is happening to this country as a result of Trump gaining office. You need only to consider the following conditions which presage the descent into fascism:

1. The toleration or encouragement of violence.

2. Denying the legitimacy of opponents.

3. Questioning the legitimacy of the democratic election process.

4. Curtail civil liberties of rivals and critics.

At this moment we are only one step away from number 4. Reasonable people in Congress must forego party line loyalties and organize themselves around those loyalties that are essential to preserving our democracy. We, as citizens, must urge elected officials to live up their oaths of office to defend and preserve our democracy!

Please read this book: How Democracies Die  Steven Levtsky & Daniel Ziblatt Crown Books

This is also available as an ebook (ISBN 9078-1-5247-6295-7)

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