My post at the NYT 11/13/17

Emanuele Corso

Penasco, New Mexico 1 hour ago

It seems our country has fallen into a state in which loyalty to the US has faded. And, sad to say, there hasn’t been a national dialog about this mainly because our so-called leaders are so busy doing well for themselves and their backers. Our long-standing American social contract has been under attack mostly by politicians of a certain party, by bad behavior in elected office from the president on down, by politicians being bought and paid for to create and pass legislation favorable to various interest groups at the expense of the common folk, by a president who openly trusts Putin more than his own countrymen, all of this and more have eroded and undermined any sense of unity, purpose, and loyalty to the country. Everything has consequences people, and the good old US of A is not and probably never will be the exception. We are living in a different time, a time that makes many of us older folks sad with dismay. What has gone missing obviously is the understanding that patriotism and loyalty must be earned, it must be mutual.

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